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Our Story


Our Story

BATPIG Pet Supply is a pet brand that makes harnesses, collars, backpacks, leashes and other accessories for small dog breeds, especially for French bulldogs.

At BATPIG Pet Supply, we’re more than just a pet store; we’re a community of pet lovers dedicated to enhancing the lives of pets and their owners. Our products reflect our passion for quality, safety, and style. Choosing us means investing in the best for your pet, backed by a brand that truly cares.

Our mission is not only to help protect frenchies by crafting comfortable, safe & fashionable pet gears but also to spread the world their funny nickname BATPIG and unique personalities that make them the most ‘LOVEA’BULL’ dog breed.

BATPIG French Bulldog


How BATPIG was created?

Batpig, unofficially, is a funny nickname of French bulldogs. They have ‘bat ears’ that distinguish them from other dog breeds, and a short piggy body. French bulldogs also snore and fart just like a pig. That’s why they are called batpig by some frenchie pawrents. As far as I know, Lady Gaga is one of those! She calls her puppy ‘BATPIG Asia’.

People say batpig pawrents love their pups for their personalities and cuz’… they fart a lot too! To me, it’s really true! French bulldogs are funny, playful, polite to others and also very brave.

I have a frenchie, and I named him ‘Batpig’. He always makes me happy. Whenever he makes trouble like chewing my shoes or destroying the whole brand-new toilet paper, I could not punish him. He just stands there at the mess he made, showing his ‘more than enough’ guilty face with those innocent eyes. That face looks so regretful and funny that I can’t be angry with him anymore. I bet if you have a French bulldog, you have once been in the same situation like me.

My Batpig

For me, batpig is a very special name because it demonstrates exactly what French bulldogs are about. I want to create a pet brand to spread the world the name ‘batpig’, and to make every frenchie pawrent proud of their puppies’ funny personalities.

Hmm, that’s it? Anything else?

My idea to create BATPIG brand is also inspired by a funny hero story. When I heard the word batpig for the first time, I was so curious about what batpig was. I searched for ‘batpig’ on Google, and then a Youtube video telling a French story about batpig was shown. Of course, I watched that video immediately. You can watch it here, or I can give you a summary for that wonderful story right now.

In that video, batpig is a pig that has bat wings. He loves wallowing in the mud, hanging out and munching raspberries. He’s very smart, generous, brave and also has a sense of humor.

One night, while he was enjoying his delicious strawberries on the field, he noticed that there were little animals under the ground, rushing to gather carrots for a never-full-belly giant monster. As a superhero and a friend of justice, he could not ignore it. He got to the bottom of a huge cave at the maximum batspeed to help the poor animals. He bravely fought with the giant monster. Thanks to his wisdom, he tricked the monster into running away. Finally, he saved the little poor ones and became their superhero. Whenever animals are in danger, Batpig always knows what to do.

That’s the happy ending for the French heroic story. Now let’s get back to our batpigs.It’s true to say that every French bulldog is a real fighter in their pawrents’ hearts. You can read many stories about French bulldogs that fight against minor sickness to serious diseases, or just simple like trying not to sleep on Monday mornings!

Batpig slogan

My batpig also had a health problem after I brought him home. He was 19 weeks old already, but his ears did not want to stand up as they have to. I crawled through every corner of the Internet like a Google spider and asked questions in all Facebook groups that I know to find a way to help him.

After a few days of giving him some cottage cheese and Greek yogurt along with putting some type of splint and massaged his ears every day, his ears finally stood up just like the real bat ears! It took him for a while but it was funny to watch. He looks strange now as his ears are too big for his head 🙂

Watching the French batpig story and witnessing my puppy fight against his health problems motivated me to make him become a real BATPIG, a true hero in my heart. I’ve decided to create a brand name BATPIG to remind people that every French bulldog is a superhero in their pawrents’ hearts. They are not Batman, but they are BATPIG!

Fashion, Safety and Comfort

I am proud to be a pawrent of my handsome, goofy batpig, whether he farts like a pig, grunts, barks, jumps or looks at me with those adorable eyes. No matter what he does, I always love my boy to the moon and back! I believe being a frenchie pawrent, you love your pup unconditionally as I do.

I care my French bulldog so much like you and other pawrents. I want to craft products that make my batpig feel comfortable and safe whenever he walks in the parks, showing his unique big personalities.

A harness made of breathable neoprene fabric with two reversible sides is great for this purpose. It has more materials covering a larger area of my batpig’s chest and back which allows me to draw many cute and funny patterns on it.

Batpig wearing bat mask

Our bat pig dog design was inspired from our very first model Hank ( when we launched our business last year started with the Froggy and Ducky backpacks. We thought Hank deserved some of the credit!

Bat pig dog design

My batpig now can wear two different styles in just one harness, walking in the parks, showing his personalities and telling the world that he is BATPIG, a superhero in his pawrent’s heart and in the pet world!

Yes, that’s all how BATPIG came out as a pet brand, with two major missions:

  • Help protect those superheroes through crafting comfortable, safe & fashionable harness, collar, leash and other accessories
  • Spread the world French bulldogs’ unique personalities and their funny nickname BATPIG

I would like to say thank you for being here on this page to read our story and supporting us right from the beginning 🙂 We are so excited to have you, new fellows in our adventure!

BATPIG Reversible Harness and Leash

Now, let us hear from you

As we’ve just started our journey, we would love to hear your feedback, suggestions or any questions you may have. Feel free to contact us at [email protected]. Or you can DM us on Instagram @batpigpetsupply and Facebook Frenchie BatpigDon’t forget to tag us and hashtag #batpigpetsupply so we can features your posts 🙂


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