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Denim Fashion Comfort Breathable Harness

$29.95 $37.95
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“Choose Your Chic: Our Denim Harness Comes in Dark Blue, Light Blue, and Beige!” – BATPIG Pet Supply

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Denim Fashion Comfort Breathable Harness

This item: Denim Fashion Comfort Breathable Harness

$29.95 $37.95
$29.95 $37.95
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Denim Fashion Comfort Breathable Harness

Denim Fashion Comfort Breathable Harness

$29.95 $37.95


Lightweight, Breathable, and Chic: The Denim Harness Your Dog Deserves

The Denim Fashion Comfort Breathable Harness from BATPIG is the epitome of pet fashion meets functionality. Designed specifically for medium and small dogs, including beloved French Bulldogs, this harness combines ultra-light construction with unmatched comfort. Crafted with premium denim fabric at the front and breathable mesh at the back, it promises durability without compromising on style. Available in three chic colors: dark blue denim, light blue denim, and elegant beige denim, this harness ensures your pet looks fashionable on every outing.

Key Features

  • Premium Materials: Crafted with a high-quality denim front for durability and a mesh back for breathability, ensuring your dog stays cool and comfortable all day long.

  • Ultra-Light Design: Specifically designed to provide maximum comfort without weighing down your pet, making it perfect for extended wear.
  • Enhanced Safety: The harness is equipped with night-safe stripes, significantly improving your dog’s visibility during evening walks or in low-light conditions.
  • Strong D-Ring and Buckle: Features a robust D-ring for secure leash attachment and a durable buckle for a reliable fit, ensuring your dog’s safety on every adventure.

  • Adjustable Fit: Fully adjustable straps allow for a custom fit, accommodating medium small dogs of various shapes and sizes.
  • Three Chic Colors: Choose from dark blue denim, light blue denim, or beige denim to perfectly match your dog’s personality and style preferences.
  • Easy Maintenance: The harness is designed for convenience, being both easy to put on and simple to clean, ensuring your dog can always step out in style.

Ideal For

The Denim Fashion Comfort Breathable Harness is ideal for medium small dog breeds, particularly those with a penchant for style. It’s a perfect match for active dogs and their fashion-conscious owners who refuse to compromise on style, comfort, or safety. Whether for daily walks, special occasions, or safe nighttime outings, this harness promises to keep your furry friend secure, comfortable, and looking their best.


BATPIG stands at the intersection of design and practicality. Our Denim Fashion Comfort Breathable Harness is more than just a pet accessoryβ€”it’s a statement of your dog’s unique style and your commitment to their comfort and safety. With its durable materials, safety features, and stylish design, it’s the ultimate harness for discerning pet owners who demand the best for their dogs.

Upgrade to the Denim Fashion Comfort Breathable Harness by BATPIG today and let your dog experience the perfect combination of style, comfort, and security.

Size Chart

Size Neck (cm) Chest (cm) Weight (pound)
S 24-32 38-44 4-6
M 32-40 43-51 7-13
L 40-45 50-56 12-20
XL 45-54 54-62 19-28

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